Our Partners

Our partners

CEC partners develop and provide quality training in adequacy with the needs of businesses and the labour market. This requires from our partners’ strong flexibility, permanent adaptation to the evolution of the labour market and establishment of local partnerships between the various actors responsible for training and employment. It is one of the essential means to provide a job to people engaged in a pathway to integration and specially to register them in sustainable and quality jobs.


actions intégrées de développement aid(belgium, wallonie - brussels).

« AID », for Integrated Actions of Development, it is initially a multitude of social and professional integration projects articulated around the education and/or employment. Projects anchored in a local socio-economic and cultural environment, which want to be as experimentation of a levelling alternative development. The AID network is thus the gathering of these various initiatives around common values.

The centres federated by AID network aims to be an answer to the situations of inequalities, through concrete projects, carried by actors with and for the individuals who suffers exclusion at social, economic, political and cultural levels. The actions are carried out within the framework of socio-professional insertion through the formation and employment, but also by working with individuals at their individual and collective emancipation as active citizens.

More information: www.aid-com.be



argentura rri (Povazska, slovakia).

Is a private organization created in May 2005 and Agentúra already took part in various European projects.

-        Its objective is to propose to customers:

-        Market research and feasibility studies,

-        Council to enterprises,

-        Management, translation and translation/interpreting for European projects,

-        Training in communication, sale, marketing, staff management,

-        Decentralized co-operation and sustainable development projects,

-        Project evaluation





The Convergences Emploi Cergy association created in 1996 by the municipalities of the agglomeration of Cergy-Pontoise has the social purpose of working to bring economic and social back into play for those most in difficulty, especially those without paid employment for more than one year, a year.
To fulfil this mission, the association carries out a Local Plan for Insertion and Employment (PLIE) created on the initiative of local authorities and whose governance is ensured by their elected officials, PLIE is an animation, coordination, innovation tool in the field of integration, employment and training in a defined territory, for a public that is distant from employment. The action of the PLIE contributes to the implementation of the National Operational Program of the European Social Fund for the period 2014/2020, within the objectives of promoting social inclusion and fighting poverty. We reach an average of 800 participants per year, and accompany them to quality sustainable employment through an integration path that combines, as needed, re-entry into employment. The board of directors of our association is composed of local and regional authorities (communes, department, and region), the public employment service, and actors in the fields of employment, integration and training.

barka-fundacia (poznan, poland).

Barka Foundation is a non-governmental organization. Its mission is to offer support for social development of excluded groups, build conditions to enable them to rebuild their lives by creating a system of mutual help, education and entrepreneurship, in line with a citizens’ society. 

The objective is to create a system of support for the process of integration of excluded groups. This system includes about 5000 persons annually (gathering persons in life crises, informal groups of citizens, non-governmental organizations, representatives of the government at national and local levels).

The main task is to create a program for the development of this system in Poland, in other countries in transformation and in developing countries.

The development of the program consists on creation of Schools of Social Animation, based on experiences and knowledge of people who overcame extreme poverty and serious life difficulties, and today are able to transfer the knowledge on the mechanisms of creation and development of programs of fight against social exclusion to groups from diverse regions of Poland and Europe, in a professional way

The new Law on Social Employment and the project of Law on Social Cooperatives enable to give legal and financial support for the development of these programs in Poland.

More information: www.barka.org.pl



Civitas (Cluj, Romania)

Created in 1992, Civitas Foundation for Civil Society is an organization which is guided by several principles such as involvement, participation and community development. They strongly believe in the power of initiative in the community and in its capacity to bring about change in people’s life. This is the reason why Civitas Foundation supports rural and regional development by strengthening the civil society, public and private sectors. They use an innovative approach to the problems our community is facing; this is the reason why social innovation is one of the pillars underpinning their activities.

They are contributing to the development of Human Resources through:

  • Boosting the entrepreneurship and supporting social inclusion of vulnerable groups;
  • Delivery of trainings and educational activities;

Empowerment of institutional capacity for the public, private and civil society sectors:

  • Providing expert services to local, regional and central authorities;
  • Training in the field of public administration;
  • Supporting the foundation and development of non-government organizations and other associative forms;
  •  Designing local development strategies and working in specialized structures for the creation of development policies

Supporting initiatives in the public, private and civil society sectors

  • Supporting the initiatives coming from citizens, local action groups and encouraging active participation in the creation of public policies;
  • Promoting social economy and the community-based economy;
  • Providing consultancy and assistance in the field of rural development;
  • Supporting the associative processes of the local authorities;
  • Initiating charitable activities.

Facilitating the access to funding opportunities:

  • Providing assistance and consultancy in fundraising and project management;
  • Developing and implementing investments projects, feasibility studies, business plans and marketing studies, technical projects and financial audit.

For more information: http://www.civitas.ro/



Diopter (Pula, Croatia)

DIOPTER – open university is a private institution for adult education and training with a large number of external experts. The school has been founded in 1995 and since then they had more than 20.000 students.

Diopter has high school programs and numerous trainings and educations in economy, tourism, health and agriculture, all of them verified by the Ministry of Education and Science.

All of the programs have been developed to meet the needs of labor market and they have a great experience in working with various groups of students, such as addicts, long-term unemployed people and unemployed women.

Until now they have successfully carried out 6 EU project and we are currently partners on the international Erasmus+ project SALTO.

Through various activities, Diopter helps people to raise awareness of the importance of lifelong learning.

They goal is to continue further development in the field of adult learning and education, as well as lifelong learning.

For more information: http://www.diopter.hr/



Fondazione Luigi Clerici -FLC (lombardia – italy).

Founded in 1972, the Foundation Luigi Clerici is an organization working in the field of vocational training, assistance to find a job, continuous training for workers, and training for groups in difficulty. These activities are carried out through 15 centres operating in Lombardy Region.

To develop its activities FLC counts on the collaboration of local organizations, enterprises, associations and craft enterprises operating in Lombardy.

The Foundation proposes in particular training activities helping the industrial reconversion process.

The training offer of the Foundation is more than a simple offer of training. The Foundation takes care of the individual and social realization of the concernedperson.Work is considered like a central dimension in life and as a factor of personal growth.

Trainers from various centers propose to provide the skills for personal evolution. The activities are divided into three sectors: assistance to find a job for young people (young graduates), continuing training for workers, and training for groups in difficulty (disadvantaged, immigrants...)

The activities carried out in the centres are mainly in the following sectors: new technologies (web language, web designer...), industry/production (mechanical, electrical and metallurgical industry), and administration (general secretariat, of direction, production and accounting). And also: deepening of foreign languages, aesthetics courses, hairdressing, health assistance, collective catering, pastry, photography, safety on work...

More information: www.clerici.lombardia.it



Integrity Consulting (Sofia, Bulgaria).

Founded in 2003 Integrity is a consultancy centre for enterprises know and recognised...

Through its subsidiaries and related companies Integrity Consulting deals with the consultancy of local markets in Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The main consultation services provided are:

Development, execution and management of projects under programmes funded by the structural funds of the European Union;

Elaboration, adoption and re-engineering of management systems in compliance with the international standards ISO, OHSAS, BS, GMP, IFS, etc.;

Organization of specialized trainings, seminars and other training and information activities;

Specialized research, analyses, strategies, investigations and evaluations on specific subjects.

INTEGRITY Consulting European project experience is broad. Over the past decade, INTEGRITY took part in the development, implementation and management of hundreds of projects in almost all the EU structural funds (INTERREG, IPA, PHARE, LEONARDO DA VINCI...)

Integrity also cooperates with municipalities and Bulgarian companies, public administration and NGOs for the development and management of its projects.

More information: http://www.integritybg.com


KEM-RVA (Komaron, Hungary)

KEM-RVA is a foundation created in 1992 by approximately 30 organizations to assist economic development in the region of Komarom (north-western of Hungary) promoting new businesses or existing businesses. KEM - RVA promotes, by granting micro-credits and management tools, the establishment of enterprises for marginalized audiences. KEM - RVA has already participated in INTERREG and GRUNDTVIG projects.

More information: www.kem-hvk.hu



Medialys (Lyon, France)

Médialys is an association law 1901, created in May 2006 at the initiative of the State, SYTRAL, Keolis Lyon and “Grand Lyon”. Its aims is to make public and private actors working together involved in the life of the TCL / TER network, organizations and personalities devoted on “Grand Lyon” territory to integration actions and return to employment, economic and social actors of the territory, including businesses, strengthening the social link and the employability of disadvantaged public, by actions conducted around the TCL / TER network.

It has a double objective: contribute to the professionalization and access to employment for young people without qualifications, job seekers and long-term unemployed people or beneficiaries of minimum social benefits.

Humanize and improve the functioning of the T.C.L, network allowing a better integration the social network, reduce non-compliance with the rules, combating fraud and this through implementing the rising door front and the Preventive Security Audit.

Médialys is committed to recruit and hire in single integration contract people facing difficulties of employability, eligible for the measure and resident throughout the entire agglomeration of Lyon.

The association:

  •      Recruits agents and manages contracts,
  •      Offers a socio-professional support
  •      Initiate individual and collective training in the professional integration pathway,
  •      Coaches and manage on a daily basis on the work employed agents and ensures the operational link with partners (Keolis Lyon, KPMR, Veolia Transport)
  •      Reports the operating process, including the results in terms of access to sustainable employment.

The activity involves 200 persons on average per month resident for the half in sensible urban zone and mainly beneficiaries of the Active solidarity income.

The objectives of Médialys are implemented through our activity putting at disposal for Keolis Lyon, AMIS workers (welcome, Mediation, Information, Service) ensuring an information/prevention service on the TCL network in direction of the customer. This activity is also deployed on a line of the Veolia Transdev network.

Since July 1, 2011, Medialys also provides support to persons with reduced mobility on the TCL network. For more information: www.medialys.Asso.fr



Mesogeiako Mek SA (Greece)

Established in 2000 MESOGEIAKO MEK SA is a company offering counselling and vocational training services to individuals who are: Unemployed, threatened by Social Exclusion, employed but in search of better prospects through training and professional development, in transition with respect to their education and career.

They offer a wide range of training programs often implemented in co-operation with education and labour authorities in Greece, such as the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour and their agencies, OAED - Manpower Employment Organization (the Hellenic National Agency for Employment) and Local Administration authorities in all thirteen administrative regions in the country. They have centres in Athens, Thessaloniki, Serres, Heraklion-Crete, Ioannina, Samos, Lesvos and Limnos.

MESOGEIAKO develops education and training programs on an on-going basis and updates its methodologies, teaching materials and educational tools to best respond to the training needs of the learners. It has formed partnerships with VET centres in Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania.

MESOGEIAKO is very active in education and training for entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

More information: www.mesogeiako.gr


Pro Vocatie (Romania)

PRO VOCATIE is a successfully NGO, created in 2002 that created the first Assessment Centre of Competences for Occupations in Romanian social field.

Mission: Facilitating the access at the certification of personnel’s competences, obtained on other ways than the formal ones, personnel that activates in social field, in order to diversify the opportunities in their professional career.

Objective: After the candidates’ assessment, C.R.F.P.S. PRO VOCATIE issues graduation or qualification certificates that give certification for the acquire competences according to the occupational standards.

More information:www.provocatie.ro



Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa – SCML (Lisboa, Portugal)

Is the national largest private organization that pursues in a humanitarian way objectives of social action, provision of health care, education and culture, and the promotion of the quality of life, particularly for the benefit of those in greater need of protection.

In the pursuit of its objectives SCML:

  • Has establishments and services in each of the areas of the city of Lisbon to provide directly the fulfilment of social needs;
  • Carry out socio-economic studies, research actions and social surveys among the population;
  • develops a social work in the areas of: childhood, youth, family and community, and elderly people;
  • Has a teaching establishment and training centers;
  • Has two hospitals and health services;
  • Cooperate with all the entities (national and international) which pursue similar attributions.

For further information: www.scml.ptwww.scml.pt

Scuola Centrale Formazione -SCF (Italy)

SCF is a national no-profit training organization, recognized by the Italian Ministry of Labour 40 years ago. SCF brings together 44 members based in 11 regions for about 100 vocational training centres and 2.156 employees providing over 16 million hours of training per year.

Its aim is to create a favourable environment for the exchange of best practices between its increasing members; this allows proposing effective responses to social and professional issues.

To pursue this goal, it organizes and supports counselling, training and support measures towards the job market.

SCF also offers services to make its associates’ training offer increasingly competitive in line with the needs of beneficiaries.

This offer includes initial, continuous and/or long-life learning training that specifically target:

- Training of young people;

- Training and integration into the labour market of adults who lose their jobs, as well as disadvantaged or disabled people.

More information: www.scformazione.org


ŠENT (Ljubljana, Slovenia)


Established in 1993, the Slovenian Asociation for Mental Health-is a non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian organisation established to aid individuals with mental health issues, those in  temporary mental distress as well as their relatives and anyone else interested in mental health.

Our mission is the assurance of human rights  and dignity for individuaals experiencing difficulties in mental health, ensuring their inclusion into mainstream society and improving their employability.

The association was founded to create new jobs and offer a variety of services, including advocacy and psychosocial and employment rehabilitation to the socially excluded, the mentally ill, their relatives and other difficult to employ groups.

 The association currently holds the status of a social welfare organisation operating in the public interest, the status of a humanitarian organisation compliant with the Law on humanitarian organisation as well as the status of a volunteer organisation in compliance with the Law on volunteerism.

The association's programs and services include:

-          Psychosocial rehabilitation of individuals with mental health issues, those suffering form illegal drug abuse, the homeless, the elderly and other that are difficult to employ.

-          Improvement of their social status

-          Improvement of their quality of life

-          Teaching skills required for independent living

-          Increasing their employability 

For more information:http://www.sent.si



Sud Concept (France – Corse)

Sud concept Cooperative is a training and research consultancy centre specialized in employment problems intervening in the establishment and setting up of training and studies for public in employment research or in a integration process and especially young persons.

The cooperative is also implementing information campaigns, awareness, guidance, balance, evaluation in the fields of employment, training, groups facing integration problems. It conducts studies in training and projects engineering, strategic territory diagnostics and evaluation of public policies.

Since its conception in 2008, Sud concept Cooperative has implemented many actions promoting the development of employment and employees’ qualification, in order to anticipate and accompany economic and social change of territories. Through the realization of studies, the conduct of projects and development and communication, it has developed an expertise in territorial animation and diagnosis of territories.

Sud Concept is baseed in Corsica. Antennas exist also in the South of France, Guiana and Guadeloupe.

More information: www.sudconcept.eu

TEAM (Leskovac, Serbia)


Citizen Association TEAM is established on 29.08. 2006. as non-profit association of professionals with different background and expertize ready to commit their knowledge and expertise to the community. TEAM members believe that Together Everyone Achieves More and in that sense mobilize local experts and knowledge in order to create practical solutions for the most important economic, social and environmental challenges in their environment through education, research, dialogue, advocacy, networking, and lifelong learning. For TEAM member’s education is fundamental to development and growth and it is one of the most powerful instruments for reducing poverty and inequality and it sets the foundation for sustained economic growth. Sustainable development is closely related to education. The TEAM uses a participatory approach to adapt the ambitious goals of sustainable development to the local context, thus contributing to achieving national, regional and global development goals at the same time. The association is focused on youth and adult education, creating meaningful partnerships, preparing of analyses, studies and strategies, facilitating projects and securing contributions to policies of relevance for the implementation of Agenda 2030 goals.


Members of the Association are guided by a holistic and inclusive approach and apply different innovative mechanisms, tools, platforms and processes to actors of sustainable development from the public, private and civil sectors in the transnational region of the Western Balkans, empowering them to make sustainable decisions for themselves and their communities.


TEAM members have been involved in the development sector for more than 20 years and have implemented numerous national and international projects from different fields, so the expertise of the Association is based on knowledge and experience in the following multidisciplinary areas:
• Education, non-formal education and lifelong learning;
• Innovation and competitiveness of the economic sector;
• Human resources, the labour market and social policy;
• Urban and rural development - local, regional and transnational;
• Circular economy and renewable energy;
• Tourism, culture, recreation and well-being;
• Digital Society;
• Human resources development


Fundacio Privada TRINIJOVE (Barcelona, Spain).

Trinijove begin its activities in the field of training and job placement in 1985. During this time, we they have worked actively in the design and implementation of innovative programs and measures in order to overcome the situations of social exclusion.

Their action is based on the following key principles:

-        Ensure the gratuity of all the services and resources,

-        Take a holistic approach combining information, education, professional integration and leisure time.

-        Support the territorial perspective which implies working to meet the needs of each specific territory in terms of social and professional inclusion of socially marginalized groups;

-        Manage joint projects through our networks in Catalonia, Spain and Europe.

The joint collaboration with people, institutions and companies’ sensitive to social problems, including:

-        Government of Catalonia (Departments of Enterprise and Employment, Justice, Social Welfare and Family of Planning and Sustainability and the general secretary of Youth),

-        City of Barcelona (Barcelona Activa and the Municipal

-        Council of the District of St. Andrew),

-        Obra Social “la Caixa”.

Trinijove Foundation’s work is based on the following two elements:

-        The belief that social and professional integration of young people, women and long-term unemployed will be effective only if it is including economic integration Trinijove don’t want to give aid, training or employment from a cyclical view, but from a view of process tending to empower people.

-        Trinijove currently extends its social object, in developing the solidarity economy as a company of insertion in Catalonia, offering a range of services for the sole purpose of providing employment to the more disadvantaged people.

In order to give employment to the more socially disadvantaged people, including people suffering from mental, physical and/or sensory disabilities Trinijove has created in 2004 a “Centre for labor”.

In accordance with the requirements of organizational functioning and management of projects, Trinijove is certified EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).

Since September 2009, Trinijove launched jointly with the Ministry of labor, the “plan of work for Equal Opportunities between men and women” who promotes equality of opportunity in employment.

More information: www.trinijove.org



UNESSA is a civil society organization. The federation brings together 7 different sectors of activity: early childhood care and health promotion at school, youth care, general hospitals, socio-professional integration and social economy, the elderly, people with disabilities and mental health.
The role of the Federation is to support the members in their activities (services in the construction of their project, innovation to participate in the realization of coordinated policies aimed at the primary interest of the beneficiaries. The Federation also aims to defend and promote the interests of its members with the authorities and official bodies. UNESSA is a front-line interlocutor in the defense of the values of the affiliated institutions.
UNESSA articulates its actions around the following values, which are the pillars of its social purpose:

  • Human dignity
  • The quality of services to individuals
  • Commitment to an inclusive society
  • Non-profitmaking
  • The geographical and price accessibility of services
  • Transparency, collegiality and openness in governance
  • Freedom of association and initiative

UNESSA federates 900 structures in Wallonia and Brussels, representing nearly 60,000 workers employed by affiliated institutions.

UNESSA has a team of 55 employees with skills in different sectors of activity.

More information: http://unessa.be/





Zebranico Consulting Ltd (Cyprus)


Zebranico Consulting Ltd is involved in the fields of technology, education, consulting support services, development programs, the environment, energy, regional and local development and participation in national and European programs.


Ζebranico engages in the design, preparation and implementation of programs to provide institutional support. It aims to contribute to economic, social and cultural development and the organization of agricultural production.


The Zebranico Consulting Ltd aims at providing the organization, coordination, implementation and management of vocational education and training activities (including research, studies and other related activities). It strives to provide services of the highest standard in its areas of expertise which include:

- Training related activities (surveys, studies, seminars, workshops, conferences, publication of educational material, implementation of educational and training programs)


- Organization and coordination of conferences and meetings related to the scope of the organization and / or on behalf of third persons, natural or legal and / or participation in European and National programs etc. and / or coordination of such events.

- Preparation, implementation, evaluation for the purposes of the corporation or third party legal entities of proposals, programs and projects.

- Submission, implementation, monitoring, evaluation of EU or nationally funded projects and their financial management. The projects may be undertaken by the organization itself or on behalf of other legal entities.

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