Our mission

The activities of the CEC and its secretariat are mainly geared to the following objectives:

  •        Liaison between CEC member organisations: regular contact with member organisations either at their offices or in Brussels.

  •      Liaison with European Commission departments for CEC member organisations (meetings, preparation and follow up of tendered projects). The CEC accompanies its members in meetings with Commission departments and takes charge of the follow up.

  •        Development of joint projects between CEC members, particularly those that fall within the framework of various Community or Commission programmes.

  •        Reflective seminars on European Community themes.

  •        Constant monitoring of European Commission initiatives and invitations to tender.

  •        European umbrella organisation, as requested by the Commission regarding the ever more numerous Community Initiatives that require the participation of several countries to be eligible, as well as taking charge of administration of coordinating with the Commission departments and meetings between relevant partners for the development of tenders.

  •        Lobbying European institutions to get the social entrepreneurship sector recognised within the EU.

  •        Research carried out in collaboration with CEC partners.

  •       Contact with the European social partners (trade unions, employers) with a view to better integrate the targeted groups into the labour market.

  •       Foster interactive reflection among CEC partners (e.g.: social protection, employment, European Strategy 2020 - Lifelong Learning Programme…).

  •        Participation to the CEC Focus group focused on social European policy.



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