Our three PROGRESS projects

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- Coach' Inclusion
Objectives: To define a new methodology and new pedagogy in comparison with active inclusion of people excluded from the job market.
The project will aim that, after a phase of resocialisation and training, the jobseekers will be accompanied, on their request, in their steps and adaptation in the work area, in a personalized relation with a jobcoach which will have been in liaison with the concerned person as of its phase of resocialization
 A testing of the methodology of accompaniment on a target group of 40 people must be tested by each associative partner in link with their public partners.
Partners: ACFI (Promoter), City of Namur and CEC (Belgium), Fundacio Trinijove, Municipality of Barcelona and support of the Catalan Area (Spain), PLIE Uni-Est Lyons, Département of the Rhone (France), the Regional office of Innovation of Kosice, the Office for employment, the social affairs and the family of Namestovo (Slovakia), Scuola Centrale Formazione and the Commune of Congorno (Italy), Pro Vocatie and the Head office of the social assistance and of child welfare of District 2 of Bucharest (Romania).
Duration of the project: 2 years
Role of the CEC: Launching of the activity and follow-up, transnational coordination of the project, organization of the final seminar in link with the ACFI and the City of Namur, Drafting of the final report in link with the evaluator, dissemination of the results at the European level.
- New Skills for New Jobs in Health Care and Social Work Sectors. 
Objectives: Exchanges of good practices in order to define the conditions of job creation for weakened public in the green jobs and in particular in the field of construction (thermoproofing of green roofs, photovoltaic …). The project will also aim to define the operating conditions of the of social economy enterprises specializing in green jobs.
Partners: AID (Promoter), FOREM, CEC (Belgium), Fundacio Trinijove (Spain), IDF, the Community of Communes of Nebbiu (France), Hope in the Community, Meadway Council (Great Britain), Scuola Centrale Formazione, Province of Trieste (Italy).
Duration of the project: 1 year
Role of the CEC: launching of the activity and follow-up in collaboration with Fondazione Clerici, Collection and selection of the good practices, analyzes and synthesis of the good practices in link with the evaluator, organization of the final seminar in link with Clerici and Province of Milan. 
The dates planned for the first meeting in Milan will be on February 11, 2010 or 18 and February 19, 2010. Without official answer of the Commission these dates will be placed after
- Green Wishes
Objective: Exchanges of good practices in the socio-medical fields and assistance to the person for the installation of a “platform for the innovation of the profiles and the courses of professional training” having for aim to identify the professional needs of the sector for the 10 next years.
Partners: Fondazione Luigi Clerici (promoter), Provincia di Milano (Italy) CEC, Integrated Actions of Development (AID), Teaching of Social advancement - Training centre cultural and social (Belgium), ProVocatie, Municipiul Bucuresti (Romania), Uni Is PLAICE, Institut for the Development of the Formation - IDF, City of St. Priest, Community of Communes of Nebbiu (France), Fundacion Privada Trinijove, Ajuntamente de Barcelona (Spain).
Duration of the project: 1 year
.Role of the CEC: Transnational coordination in link with the AID, collects of good practices, organization of the final seminar in collaboration with the AID and Forem, dissemination and result of the final report in link with the AID