One more spanish partner in the CEC

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The “Observatorio de Economía Solidaria” is a non-profit association who has as purpose to study the investigation and promotion of the solidarity economy as a model of economic development based on the respect to the people, with a perspective of sustainable development and as means of social cohesion.
The primary objective of the Association is to deepen the study and investigation of the solidarity economy and to develop activities for its development and application in the territory.
In order to obtain this objective the “Observatorio” propose the following activities:
Training and investigation:
Studies and investigations from social, labour and territorial nature,
Training of experts in economic solidarity,
Organization of sessions and cycles of conferences.
To divulge, visualized and promote social economy,
Participation in commissions, committees and other forums for the development of social politics, work occupation and fight against exclusion.
Conception and implantation of standards for social audits,
Creation of a centre of documentation, information and debate on social economy.
Conception, direction and control of the execution of social projects and labour integration of people in social exclusion risk.
Development of systems promoting the social responsibility of enterprises.
The OES acts in synergy with:
The University,
The enterprises,
The social organizations.
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